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I don't write to many reviews but had to tell everyone how much I love this stuff! I normally get sick constantly. I have a week immune system, have three kids of my own who go to ubkic school and work with kids so I'm always catching something. I started taking this stuff daily about 2 months ago, about to purchase my third bottle, and I haven't got sick ONCE! My girls have all been sick over this two month period and winter just hit so this is usallyt the worst time of year for me.  I will definitely continue to take this for all its wonderful benefits!

V.S. 12 December, 2016*

It may just be a coincidence but I've been taking a double dose for 3 months and my follicle numbers doubled and both ovaries ar.. I read somewhere that it helps build more follicles during the IVF process. It may just be a coincidence but I've been taking a double dose for 3 months and my follicle numbers doubled and both ovaries are functioning better. I'm very happy! 

E. 27 July, 2016*

Best health decision I've ever made!!
I love this stuff. I have chronic pain and this has brought those pain levels down. I also could swear that my eye site is getting better too...wasn't expecting that.

M. 5 July , 2016*

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Dr Wheatgrass SuperShots 150ml

By Michele May 20, 2016

Verified Purchase

This product met my expectations 100%. Planning on ordering more.

By sewgirl May 6, 2016

Verified Purchase

the super shots are very tasty

By ray April 27, 2016

Verified Purchase

I noticed a difference on the eczema I have 3 days after using this. Will buy again

By Hytek March 25, 2016

Verified Purchase

It is blowing my mind with amazing results. I am recoverying from a stroke that I had 2 years ago. The shots are energizing and the cream is awesome. I am now weight training.  This product has increased my energy and muscle mass. I will reorder this product.  Had swelling in my ankle from poor circulation. Gone away in one day.

By judith smith July 10, 2015

Verified Purchase

excellent product I will recommend it to all

By Linda Sorensen April 23, 2015

Verified Purchase

The seller gave me a time frame for receiving this product but it came much faster. I am very happy with the Wheatgrass shots which are so convenient for traveling. I feel much better physically when I take it everyday. I love the lotion which is great for dry skin. I would recommend both products and the price is great.

By GEOFF February 25, 2015

Verified Purchase

will buy again

By Si January 20, 2015

Verified Purchase

Great product!!!

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