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Acne Testimonials

I stopped taking my acne medicine and I bought this to help my skin.  It is great! Any odd skin issue I have it works great. I love that I can just Spray it on instead of using my hands or cotton ball.  It's wonderful.

Jenay USA .16 April, 2016    Thanks to Amazon

This stuff works great for healing acne scars! Clears your face up in about a wee!

K8 USA. 5 March, 2016     Thanks to Amazon

Excellent product.  At my advanced age I have a type of acne that Dr Wheatgrass Antioxidant Skin Recovery Cream is clearing up.....this is the only product that has worked in four years of my trying all types of products that were touted to work....NOT. However, Dr Wheatgrass Antioxidant Skin Recovery Cream does work. After washing my face, I apply a tad to the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin, then rub in  

C.14 December, 2015 Thanks to Amazon

Thank you for all of your advice regarding my skin recovery (from acne). The wheatgrass has really helped to calm my skin and it appears to be getting stronger. It's been a long road but the wheatgrass has been a miracle for me.

D.R. Australia. 6 December, 2014

 This is my first item to ever review on amazon. I bought this for an anal fissure and after two weeks it's almost gone! I decided to also try it on my face for acne and it has helped so much. All my existing acne has gone away, the scarring is improving, and my face is noticeably softer. I am so happy that something natural is working because I'm also trying to get pregnant and don't want to put a bunch of scary chemicals in my body. Thank you Dr. Wheatgrass!! Your products rock! 

K.C. 12 March, 2013 Thanks to Amazon

My teenage daughter uses the cream on her face pimples and it greatly reduces the outbreak, which is essential for her self esteem.

T. B. Queensland, Australia. 16 October, 2009

I wanted to send in my thanks for your wheatgrass spray, which I use regularly as a spritzer on my face. I was initially recommended it to calm my sensitive and reaction-prone skin, and in the months I've been using it I have a noticed a visible improvement in the quality of my skin - it has much greater clarity, acne scarring from adult acne has faded discernibly and it is noticeably softer.

A lovely product - leaves more expensive cosmetic brands for dead in terms of results.

I can also recommend the dr wheatgrass cream for anal fissures. I was initially extremely sceptical about so-called 'wonder creams' and doubted this would work, but within a week, pain was reduced and healing had begun. This was after months of symptoms.

H. W. Melbourne, Australia. 9 December, 2008

I just started using the wheatgrass gel on my acne. I am 26 years old and have been going to a dermatologist for years. However, recently my differin cream and minocycline just haven't been keeping my face clear. The differin cream is way expensive too! I drink plenty of water and take my vitamins, but still have occasional major breakouts around my chin and neck. A week ago I spied the wheatgrass gel on my vanity and thougt what the heck. Maybe it will work. Well, it has! The big acne has gone away and most of the red spots are gone. It has only been a week and I look better now than I have in months of using differin. Thank you!!! I hope that this will continue to work. I have very sensitive skin and expected the acne to get worse. What a pleasant suprise. :)

B. C. USA. 15 November, 2008

Hi. I recently trialled the wheatgrass cream at a convention and found it helped with reducing the severity of my acne.

P. N. Queensland. Australia

I've used your product for my pimples and acne scarring and my face looks so smooth as my scars have practically all gone, and I have no more acne. It is just unbelievable. This is the best skin product I have ever used.

A. C. Queensland, Australia.

Have to tell you, I just received the spray and the lotion and have only used it for like 2 days and already I see a difference. I bought it for razor bumps and also for acne on my butt. I can not believe what this product has done -- it has succeeded where even a doctor's scripts have not. No more manufactured medicine from doctors for me. These are great products. I am hooked. Thank you!

W. M. USA January 2004

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