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Phone orders within Australia: 0415 099 897

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Muscle cramps relieved with wheatgrass

Hi Dr Chris, I just wanted to share another amazing use for your Superbalm. Unfortunately I picked up a 24hr tummy bug which gave me terrible Diarrhea. That was about 4 days ago but my stomach has still been cramping and is sore to touch. Yesterday I decided to try massaging your Superbalm into my stomach so I did it morning and night. Incredibly today I have no more cramping and it is not sore to touch at all!! Another wonderful use for your products. Regards
D.N. Australia 05 November 2017

Superbalm - Stops leg cramps almost instantly. 

B.M. USA 20 January 2016*   Thanks to Amazon

Used it on a severe leg cramp one night and gone in less than 1 minute! Bought it for my husband who had a stroke and has muscle contracture in his neck. It seems to be helping, although not sure if it is from the balm or just that I'm massaging it every day!

Amazon Customer USA 19 November 2014*

Tried your suggestion (for muscle cramps) with immediate success! Thanks.

B. D. Australia. 13 March, 2012*

Hi Dr Chris I can absolutely vouch for Superbalm relieving legs cramps, almost immediately.  I'm singing the praises of Dr Wheatgrass all the time to friends and family I think it's an amazing product! Kind Regards

D. N. Australia. 10 March, 2012*

Dr Wheatgrass SuperBalm 160ml


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