We are based in Australia and do not ship overseas. Please search for your nearest reseller via the flags below.
Dr Wheatgrass
Phone orders within Australia: 0415 099 897

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Where to buy Dr Wheatgrass outside Australia

  • UK/EUROPE (All products available)
  • USA (All products available)
  • CANADA (All products available)
  • HONG KONG (All products available)
  • JAPAN (Skin Recovery Cream, Spray and Superbalm available)  All products available from our Japanese website
  • NEW ZEALAND (All products available)
  • SOUTH AFRICA (All products available)
  • SINGAPORE (All products available)
  • MALAYSIA (All products available)
  • INDIA (All products available)
  • KOREA (Skin Recovery Cream, Spray and Superbalm available)
  • UGANDA (Skin Recovery Spray, Superbalm and Supershots available)
  • THAILAND (All products available)
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